Course 1: Overview of Fit & Swarm 3-4 Defense by Kenny Simpson

Why Run the 3-4 Defense?

What kind of Players do you need?

Give each position a few simple rules so all they are worried about is FITTING & SWARMING

Defense Wins Championships….Offense Sells Tickets

Head Coach Kenny Simpson believes that. 

And while his GUN-T offense is setting scoring records, DEFENSE has been the foundation to a turnaoround that includes four-consecutive winning seasons & two conference titles.

The 2017 4A Conference Coach-of-the-Year is ready to teach you his FIT & SWARM 34 Defense.

One guy FITS while the rest of the team SWARMS to the ball carrier.


Create big Plays by putting kids in the right position

  • Line up against any formation in the base coverage
  • If the Offense comes out in something you didn’t rep…at least line up correctly without any blown coverage

This is a SYSTEM…adjust to any formation, adjust to any route because it is built into the system

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