Coach Simpson`s Gun T RPO Offense Overview by Kenny Simpson

Coach Simpson’s GUN T RPO offense has averaged over 300 yard per game on the ground due to protecting the running game through RPO and series.  The beauty of the offense is how it can adapt to the personnel each season, without needing to change the integrity of the offense.  Some seasons his team has thrown the ball well and other seasons they have led the conference in rushing.  

This series will feature his complete offense as he walks through –

Offensive Overview – Picking personnel, using “series” in your offense, get more options by following the “rule of 3” and more.  

This course is great for those interested in running the Gun T RPO offense, but also those wishing to blend Wing T running game in spread, or RPO/Spread concepts to your Wing T.  While it is a system, the principles can be applied in any offense.

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