Attacking the Defense with the Jet Sweep by Shawn Liotta

In this course you will learn all the secrets of the Jet Series in the No Huddle No Mercy Offense.  Learn a diverse and deceptive series of plays that will keep the defense consistently on their heels.  This series helped the No Huddle No Mercy Offense shatter offensive records including the Pennsylvania State Scoring Record and finished with 958 points scored in 2014, which was good for second all time in the history of high school football.  In this course you will learn:

Specific running game objectives and Philosophy of the Jet Series

Identifying and attacking defensive rotations to jet motion

Adjustments and complimentary plays

Troubleshooting the Jet Series

Practicing and Drilling the Timing of the Jet Motion

Jet Motion Tracks

Complete fundamentals and assignments by position

Formations variations to get an advantage at the point of attack for the Jet Sweep

Complete blocking rules vs. all defensive front categories

Taking advantage of defensive rotations with Play-Action Pass Concepts

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