Practice Planning in the Air Raid by Shane Dular

Coach Shane Dular is a veteran and nationally recognized Air Raid expert with over 20 years of coaching experience as a Head Coach, OC/QB Coach, and OL coach in the 3 states, discusses his philosophy of Practice Planning.  In the course Coach Dular:

  • Goes over his philosphy of planning including making the offense fit
  • Shows the 3 Rotation Model
  • Goes over his practice schedule in detail, period by period
  • Shows how he scripts periods and effeciantly scouts
  • and more.  Every coach will find a few things to improve their practice in any scheme.
  • The course will include the presentation, as well as the forms used in the discussion in PDF or Excel format.

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Shane Dular

Dular Air Raid

Coach Shane Dular has coached the Air Raid Offense for 20 years in NC, GA, and SC.  He has studied under some the top Air Raid Coaches in the country, has spoke at numerous clinics, and is a highly sought after High School Air Raid Expert.  Coach Dular is also the founder of the website and Air Raid Resource.

Click here to take the course now!

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