Open Grass Reads The Dynamics of the `6` (4 Verts) Play by Patrick Taylor

This is part of the Open Grass clinic series. This will show how we use the “walkthrough” drill inside of the framework of the famous Air Raid Concept “6.” We will show how we use freedom with our quarterbacks in our offense to produce a Quarterback Rating of 145.9, and a very successful 22 td’s to just 5 int’s. Along with a completion percentage of 68%, this play has led us to over 2,000 yards within our frame work. 

Teach your receivers to use Run n Shoot principles to has “when am I open,” while your quarterback learns to scan the defense for “who is open now.” Your playbook is endless when you incorporate these ideas. 

We will also dive deeper into the Slow Process (presnap) and the Fast Process (post snap) that teaches the quarterbacks coverage, and quicker more definite decision making abilities. This is a deep approach to how the brain learns through 3D vision recording, and why we never use “chalk talks” with our quarterbacks. This includes voice over film, instructional for install and many other aspects that will allow you to ignite your offense immediately. 

Here are a few of the points we will hit on:

•It allows the Offense to adjust with ease.
•Take advantage of the defenses game plan.
•Your offense appears to be larger and more complex to a HUDL breakdown, which forces opposing coaches more data input and less practice time.
•Quick game gets even faster.
•You know that your QB is seeing the defense and reacting to what he sees.
•The defense has to defend the ENTIRE FIELD and their DC has to defend the ENTIRE PLAYBOOK on every play.
•The sideline triangle concepts become a full field play.
It allows the OC/QB to create tags like a blank canvas

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