Effective Dynamic Warm-Up for Air Raid Football Teams by George Coltharp

With the pace of practice and games at an all-time high, the importance of preventing small tissue injuries is paramount.  With this in mind, 92 Mesh Group enlisted the help of Coach Melanie Redd a Certified Functional Strength Coach (L2) as a well as a high school football coach in Ohio, to create a program that enhances flexibility, can help prevent injuries, and prepare your players for games, practice, the weightroom, or speed work by properly warming up their muscles.  Many of us do routines that were passed down to us from older coaches or things we’ve seen. In this course Coach Redd not only demonstrates the warm-ups, but also explains why each movement is done.  As a special bonus Coach Redd has also included a great Post Work-out workout recovery plan.  This is a MUST have course for all coaches who love tempo.  Learn how to properly warm-up the engine so the race car can ZOOM!

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